Cisma 2019

CISMA - China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show

CISMA(China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) is the world the largest professional sewing machinery show in the world. The exhibits include pre-sewing, sewing, and after-sewing equipment, CAD/CAM, spare parts and accessories which covers the whole garment production procedure. CISMA has won attention and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors with its grand scale, excellent service and trade function.

CISMA is a platform to display new product and a bridge to connect upstream and downstream industry chain. Every CISMA attracted lots of world famous brands to come, such as Duerkopp-Adler, Pfaff, Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Yamoto, Lectra, Gerber, Oshima, Golden Wheel, Gaolin, Sunstar, Macpi, Veit, Tajima, Barudan. Famous domestic brands such as Typical, SGSB, Zoje, Jack, Gemsy, Tongyu, Huigong, Dahao, Weishi, Ying displayed products as well. A bunch of equipment with electric-control deveices, mino-lubrication, multi-function and high level of automation appeared in the show. The increased level of technology and added value is now changing the critical procedure in apparel production stream line.

Smart Sewing Technology and Solutions.

Event Theme

Exhibits Scope

1.Design System for Sewing Machine

110   CAD/CAM System

111   3D Human Body Data Acquisition System

112   Enterprise Information Management System(EKP/MES)

113   Other IT System

114   Plotting

115   3D printing device

116   Industrial APP

117   Other Related Hardware Input / Output Equipment


2.Cloth Shrinking & Fusing Equipment

210    Shrinking Equipment

211    Fusing Equipment

212    Cloth Inspecting Equipment

213    Other Related Shrinking & Fusing Equipment and Accessories


3.Cloth Spreading & Cutting Equipment

310    Normal Cloth Spreading Equipment

311    Automatic Cloth Spreading Equipment

312    Scissors

313    Cloth Cutting Machine

314    Automatic Cutting bed

315    Other Related Spreading & Cutting Equipment and Accessories


4.Sewing Equipment

410   Household Sewing Machine

4101  Normal Household Sewing Machine

4102  Multi-function Household Sewing Machine

4103  Household Embroidery Equipment

4014  Others (please specify)


411    Normal Industrial Sewing Machine

4111  Lockstitch Sewing Machine

4112  Overlock Sewing Machine

4113  Interlock Sewing Machine

4114  Others (please specify)


412    Special Industrial Sewing Machine

4121  Button Attaching Machine

4122  Button Holing Machine

4123  Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

4124  Zigzag Sewing Machine

4125  Hand Stitch Sewing Machine

4126  Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

4127  Pattern Sewing Machine

4128  Cuff Attaching Sewing Machine

4129  Others (please specify)


413   Automatic Sewing Units

4131  Automatic Pocket Welting Machine

4132  Automatic Trousers Sealing Machine

4133  Automatic Placket Setting Machine

4134  Automatic Belt Loop Attaching Machine

4135  Automatic Pocket Attaching Machine

4136  Automatic Template Machine

4137  Pile Filling Machine

4138  Others (please specify)


414 Automatic sewing production line

4141  Denim automatic sewing production line

4142  Shirt automatic sewing production line

4143  Automatic four-side sewing production line

4144  Other fully automatic production lines

415   Industrial Sewing Machine For Leather & Suitcase

4151  Fur Sewing Machine

4152  Roller Sewing Machine

4153  Post-bed Sewing Machine

4154  Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Medium & Thick Fabric

4155  Skiving Machine

4156  Loading Machine

4157  Shoe Machine

4158  Tape cutting machine

4159  Others (please specify)


416   Bag Closing Machine

4161  Ultrasonic Hot Melting Closing Machine

4162  Ultrasonic Lace Machine

4163  Ultrasonic SMT Machine

4164  Portable Bag Closing Machine

4165  Flatbed Bag Closing Machine

4166  Automatic Conveyor Bag Closing Machine

4167  Other Bag Closing Machine


417  Numerical Control & Drive System for Sewing Machine

4171  Clutch Motor

4172  Stepping, Servo Motor

4173  Energy-saving Motor

4174  Electromagnet, Electromagnetic valve

4175  Smart Senor

4176  Industrial Robot

4177  Internet System for Sewing Industry


5.Embroidery Equipment

510    Single –head Embroidery Machine

511    Multi-head Embroidery Machine

512    Computerized Embroidery Machine for

Cap & Ready-made Clothes

513    Computerized Quilting Equipment

514    Computerized Quilting & Embroidery Machine

515    Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

516    Pattern Marking System and Embroidery software

517    Numerical Control System & Spare Parts


6.Laser Engraving equipment  

610    Laser Cutting Machine

611    Laser Engraving Machine

612    Printing Equipment

613    Other Laser Engraving Equipment


7.Ironing & Finishing Equipment       

710    Iron

711    Ironing Stand

712    Mechanical Ironing Machine

713    Automatic Ironing Machine

714    Steaming Equipment

715    Ventilation & Cooling System

716    Oil Stain Cleaning Equipment

717    Washing Equipment

718    Needle-detecting Equipment

719    Other Ironing & Finishing Equipment



8.Distribution & Logistics System

810   Packaging Equipment

811   Materials Conveying Equipment & System

812   Apparel Hanging & Conveying System

813   Automatic Warehouse System

814     Other Equipment & System


9.Other Equipment

910    Other Equipment(please specify)


10. Sewing Machine Spare Parts

1010  Table&Stand, Thread Stand

1011  Hook, Bobbin, Bobbin Case

1012  Needle, Looper, Presser Foot, Needle Plate, Feeding dog

1013  Pin, Rod, Screw

1014  Stamping parts

1015  Mechanical Transmission Parts Like Crank,  Rod

1016  Plastic Parts & Product

1017  Straight axis, Crankshaft, Needle bar

1018  Electrical parts

1019  Other Functional Devices, Components and Parts



1110  Sewing Thread & Winder Machine

1111  Button, Zipper, Tape, Label,etc

1112  Fabrics, Interlining, Pad

1113  Lubricating Oil, Cleaning Agent, etc

1114  Tools & Others


12.Information Service    

1210  Newspaper

1211  Magazine

1212  Professional Book

1213  Publication

1214  Website

1215  Consultative Service

1216  Others.