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VAM002 - Marking Machine

A Lowcost Automation from Vector.


• Capacity:4100 to 4500 pcs per shift (waist bands)
• Output:1 waist band/stroke.
• Manpower: 1
• Number of marking:3-5 (customisable according to the requirement).
• Marking Length & width: Width of 1000mm per waist band (Customisable) and length of 1250mm (48 inches) for trouser size from 28 to 42.
• Working height:30 inches (760 mm)
• Electricity: NIL
• Motor: NIL. Working on Pneumatic air pressure.
• Slides and Cylinders are Imported
• Size of the machine: 52 x24 x40 inches (1300x610x1000 mm).


• Mark multiple positions in one stroke
• Up to 80% savings in manpower cost.
• Suitable for centralised as well as individual line setup
• Handles all types of fabric.
• Suitable for Denim, Trousers, Skirts, Shorts waistband marking.
• Semi-Automatic PLC control with manual Loading and unloading.
Optional automatic loading and unloading can be added.
• One output per stroke
• Counter display for monitoring output.
•Marking with water erasable pen (colours: blue, green, pink, grey) / steam erasable pen.
• Water erasable pen will mark 1400 to 1500 lines (of 10 cm length) per pen.
• By changing the Holder, different type of marking element can be used
• Marking size can be adjusted manually for different dimensions.
• Maintenance free.
• High productivity.
• Less cost.
Disclaimer: Details given are for reference only. Design is subject to change as improvements are incorporated.